Solutions for venues

Evaluation of market opportunities

The exhibition and convention markets are major generators of business (MICE) tourism.

ECL can assess the prospects for developing business through market studies and strategies for private and public sector enterprises, cities, regions and national economies.

New build facilities

Organisers and their suppliers require efficient facilities that are easy to use and that work for their clients.

If you are planning to build new facilities for exhibitions or conventions you need to ensure the organiser, their clients and attendees enjoy a memorable experience.

Angus Montgomery’s experience as organisers of events and operators of venues means that ECL’s advice is based on a full working understanding of the industry which general management consultants are unable to provide.

Expansion of facilities

The most successful venues and their host cities work together as a team to build a strong business tourism rationale for increasing the capability and versatility of key facilities.

The risks and rewards are often finely balanced, as are the views of the influencers in the decision-making process; ECL can assess the potential, taking into account the changing dynamics of the event business and forecast future demand and opportunities.

Multifunctional venues: new revenue streams

Revenue generation from exhibitions, conferences and meetings  often provides the foundations for a financially successful multipurpose venue. From sports stadia to retail destinations the addition of flexible event facilities can create new streams of both revenue and visitor footfall and enhance the viability of the overall project.

ECL is able to assess market growth potential both for current events but also the prospects for attracting new event business, both in new build and refurbishment projects.

Evaluation of market opportunities

Content for event venue owners and operators

It is happening everywhere! The few shows that are sold out have expansion challenges, while the rest of the year underutilised capacity carry uncomfortable overhead costs. You are not alone.

Securing new streams of revenue and improved utilisation levels require imaginative thinking and new approaches to the traditional role of purpose-built venues for exhibitions. A broader based events business can harness revenues from sources that have yet to be imagined. 

Typical key questions include:

  • What kind of new events could fill some of the spaces now available but underutilised?
  • What events could be accommodated if you were to improve the current facility offer?
  •  What additional services and revenue can be developed if you can increase the footfall?
  • Do you have the right team in place to be able to grow the business?

ECL can assist in both assessing the current business mix and harnessing opportunities, which will both increase occupancy rates and drive new revenues.