Capability statement

Exhibition Consultants Ltd (ECL) is a management consultancy established in 1974 to provide specialist advice and services for the development and management of exhibition and convention centres. Professional services also cover all aspects of advice in the international exhibitions sector, including feasibility and planning studies, market research, marketing strategies and training. Much of this expertise is relevant to conventions and major events projects and business tourism generally. 

ECL is part of Angus Montgomery Ltd, exhibition organisers, managers and consultants. The Group dates back to 1895 and has associates in several countries as well as a network of agents. A sensitivity to different cultures and markets has resulted in many years of successful specialist consulting. 

ECL specialises exclusively in the trade fairs sector, a major advantage compared with generalist management, financial or marketing consultancies. As a Montgomery member, ECL draws upon a unique fund of knowledge, international contacts and the latest expertise. We also work in association with architects, engineers and other consultants.

ECL is a member company of British Expertise, the association for UK consultants specialising in international projects. Senior ECL consultants hold or have recently held prominent positions within UFI (Union des Foires Internationales), the AEO (the British Association of Exhibition Organisers) and the IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events) in the USA.