Exhibition Consultants Ltd (ECL) is a management consultancy providing specialist advice and services for the development and management of trade fairs and exhibition centres, and all aspects of the exhibitions sector. Services include feasibility studies, masterplanning, strategic and business planning, exhibition market research, project management, training and recruitment – all in the special field of exhibitions, cultural events, conferences, conventions and trade centres.

Clients are government and private sector developers and their architects and public and private corporations involved in exhibition facilities and the organisation of the events they host.

ECL is founded on in-depth experience of the sector, to which it is exclusively dedicated and is based on the knowledge and reputation of the Montgomery family of exhibition companies established in Britain over one hundred years ago. Exhibitions have become today's powerful international trade promotion medium and ECL is part of the Montgomery company which continues to play a leading role in their global development. ECL's resources are enhanced through their new partnership with tfconnect who identify the best industry talent for special assignments and long term projects.