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Content for organisers

The biggest challenge for organisers is how to create a refreshed story for their event to appeal to a changing audience and their latest expectations. The influence of social media requires individual and group focused messaging. The emotion, intelligence and appetite of the visitor needs to be continually stimulated. Attracting Board,C and Ministerial level participation requires a class act.

Flatlining visitor numbers can indicate industry changes, buyer behaviour changes or failings in the event. There is no longer a guarantee that visitors from previous events will return or that more than 50% of the pre-registered visitors will actually make the trip. The largest, longest established and best attended messaging belongs to the past.

Footfall of buyers is everything and like retail the offline offering needs constant investment to match the online.

ECL can assist you to assess your current event from a visitor perspective, recommend changes in the offering and identify new features and messaging to ensure ongoing relevance and profitability.

Show strategies & development

As markets change so do shows and their ability to maintain and build their reputation. Organisers can drive organic growth by expanding profiles  or move events  across borders and continents. Identifying partners to share in the opportunity in the targeted markets is a major challenge.

ECL can research and evaluate  growth opportunities across frontiers and identify the most appropriate format for a successful launch and the likely investment needed.

Creating successful teams

Improving event outcomes in terms of exhibitor and visitor satisfaction can only be achieved by actively leading, managing and adapting teams to changing client requirements.

The restructuring of teams around a refocused business strategy is often key to ensuring targets are achievable.

Focusing on human resources, ECL is able to evaluate your  team and recommend changes, and assist in identifying and recruiting new talent.

Working in partnership with Tf connect ECL can help accelerate the change processes that have been recommended and assist in the successful integration of new faces into the team.